Welcome to the Kingborough Bowls and Community Club. We hope you enjoy your bowling here.
The brochure highlighted below is designed to assist you with finding your way around the Club, its administrative structure, and general information regarding conduct at the club.


Welcome to the Kingborough Bowls & Community Club.  The following information should help with any queries you may have.


At Kingborough we have two outside grass greens and one synthetic green in the Don Hazell Indoor Centre.  All members have the use of any of these greens for practice purposes.  However, we do ask that apart from official pennant practice, members contribute $5 per session when using the indoor green to assist with running costs.

Please follow the greenkeeper’s instructions regarding direction of play and green closures.

Grass greens are closed every Monday for maintenance purposes.


Information regarding pennant competitions is posted on the notice board in the main bar area, to the left of the door when entering.

The Club currently enters teams in the Wednesday pennant (men only), Thursday pennant (ladies only), and Saturday pennant (open gender).  Members may enter on whichever day/s they wish.

Before the pennant season commences, all divisions nominate which will be their playing surface – grass or synthetic.


Each pennant competition has a Chair of Selectors who oversees the individual division selectors.  Team selections are posted on the relevant notice board in the main bar area – Thursday and Saturday pennant selections are posted on Tuesday, and Wednesday pennant is usually posted by Saturday.

If members have a query or issue with their individual selection, they should first discuss the matter with their selector before taking it to the relevant Chair of Selectors if the matter cannot be resolved.

Any player who refuses to play in the position selected may not be considered for selection for two games.


Ladies practice on Tuesday and exclusively use their nominated green/s until 3.00 pm.  Main team practice days are Tuesday and Thursday, with members welcome to practice individually at any other time.


The Club has several coaches available to assist any member.  Their names and contact details are on the general notice board in the main bar to the right of the entrance.


Bowls Australia Logo

The BA Logo is mandatory on all clothing worn for pennant – shirts, lower body wear (pants, etc.), upper body outwear (vests, jackets, rainwear, etc), and headwear.


The club colours are yellow, black and white.  Our current Club shirt is basically yellow and worn with black pants (any length) or skort/skirt.    Upper-body outerwear may be black, yellow, or white.  Headwear may be white, black, or yellow.  Undergarments such as UV protective sleeves, undershirts, and leggings should be, where possible, sympathetic to club colours, ie, black or flesh tones.


When the lower body attire leaves the socks visible, socks should be white or sympathetic to Club colours.  The BA Logo must appear on the visible portion of the sock.  If socks do not extend above the shoe line or the lower body attire hides the socks, the colour is immaterial, and the BA Logo is optional.


Shoes must be flat-soled and approved for use by Bowls Australia.  The BA logo is not required on shoes.


Club shirts and jackets, and hoodies are ordered through the Club – please check at the reception counter in the Indoor Centre.  Other supplies will generally need to be ordered online.  Please talk to the Bowls Secretary for assistance.


All bowls used in pennant competitions must have Club stickers attached.  One set is provided to new members. Thereafter, they may be purchased at the reception counter in the Indoor Centre.


Ladies and men’s club championship games are conducted each season.  All members are entitled and encouraged to enter.  Entry forms and draws are displayed in the area where the mats are kept.  It is the responsibility of players to check these boards regularly.

When games are organised, the date and time must be entered on the chalkboard outside the main entrance.

Club uniform must be worn for Grand Finals, and an umpire organised to be present.



When entering, entry forms and draws are displayed on the noticeboard in the main bar area to the right of the door.  All members are entitled to enter.  Entry fees must be paid at the bar before the closing date, and the receipt number must be recorded on the accompanying sheet on the noticeboard.

All clothing at BTS Championships must display the BA Logo; the Club uniform may be worn.


The Club has three Facebook pages – Kingborough Bowls & Community Club, Kingborough Indoor Bowls Centre, and Kingborough Bowls, Coaches Corner- for members only.


Board members for 2022/23 are:

President:                                 Lorraine Walker – 0447 298 055

Secretary:                                 Dale Freeman – 0411 670 409

Assistant Secretary:                  John Rosevear – 0417 595 130

Treasurer:                                Michael Andersch – 0416 113 310

Vice President (Men):               Greg Riley – 0418 138 747

Vice President (Ladies):            Vacant

Bowls Secretary:                      Pauline Connell – 0418 314 420

Indoor Centre:                          Michael Harris – 0499 869 305