1. GREENS:

a) The Greenkeeper or a member of the Greens Committee may allocate available rinks to all games and/or practice on any playing day.

b) Members wishing to play Club Tournament games may apply for a rink in the name of one of the players by placing his or her name and the date and time of the fixture and the number of the rink on the “greens board”.

c) Women bowlers shall have exclusive use of one full green throughout the duration of Ladies Pennant games.

d) When a rink becomes vacant the persons vacating it shall ensure that all equipment (e.g. mat and jack) is returned to its appropriate place. At the conclusion of Pennant matches this shall be the responsibility of the lead of the home team on each rink.

e) The officiating umpire or, in his/her absence, the home team Captain, shall be responsible for ensuring the Umpire’s equipment is returned to the Clubhouse after Pennant matches.

f) If the Umpire’s equipment is removed from the Clubhouse on occasions other than Pennant matches, the person so removing it shall ensure that it is returned to its proper place in the Clubhouse.


  1. DRESS:

a) Correct dress, as laid down by Bowls Australia “National Attire and Footwear Regulations” and Bowls Tasmania South (BTS) directions, shall be worn for all matches under the jurisdiction of BTS. For Pennant and carnivals/events, club shirts and attire with appropriate BA logos are to be worn. Dress regulations for below Pennant is to be free of restrictions so as to maximise participation. Shoes are to be flat soled but design and colour the choice of the bowler.

b) Club shirts (“whites”) must be worn on the greens on Saturday and Midweek Pennant days, Club Tournament “Grand Final” (only) games, sponsored BTS games and any other games that the Executive Committee deems necessary. Novice bowlers shall be permitted to wear ordinary clothes before noon on a Saturday or Sunday. Club shirts/whites are not required on Sundays for Club tournaments games other than a “grand final” or an advertised “whites” social event.


  1. BAR:

a) Persons under the age of eighteen years, are NOT permitted in the immediate bar area and will not be served alcoholic drinks.

b) The bartender on duty shall have the power to close the Bar at other than the advertised when, in his or her opinion, effective trade has finished for the day or it is right to do so.



Saturday Pennant teams shall be selected and notice of the same shall be posted on the appropriate Notice Boards not later than the Tuesday preceding the match. Midweek Pennant teams shall be selected and notice of the same shall be posted on the appropriate Notice Boards not later than the preceding Saturday.



Raffles and any other Fund raising activities shall not be conducted except with the sanction of the Executive Committee.



No notices shall be exhibited on the Notice Boards, nor shall any be removed, without the prior approval of the Secretary or a member of the Executive Committee.



Club Tournament match fees are now included in the Annual fee paid by members. For all matches for which an entry fee has to be submitted to an outside body (e.g. BTS) the appropriate Entry Fee shall be lodged in the receptacle in the Clubrooms in the envelope provided and the names and details of the Competition being entered included. The Secretary must be informed if the entry is for an outside bodies match so he can forward the entry. Failure to comply by an individual (or any member of a team) shall result in the individual (or the Team) not being entered in the selected event.



a) A Greens Fee shall be paid by all social members who participate in any social bowls game organised by the Club.

b) A nominal user fee be applied to all members and visitors for use of the indoor centre green, but such fee will not apply to pennant practice or to organised carnivals or events where an entry fee is charged.



In Club Tournament matches, the winners of the various Competition matches will receive cash prizes instead of trophies. In the case of Perpetual trophies, the winners’ names shall be engraved on said trophies, and all winners’ names will be sign written on the Tournament Board.



A Bar Manager is to be elected at the A.G.M. each year. The Bar Manager shall act as Chairman/Treasurer and form a Committee consisting of a Secretary and three Committee persons. This number may be increased if so desired. The Committee shall operate as a separate entity of the K.B.C. and will meet on a monthly basis and provide all details of said meetings to the Board of Management.



The prior consent of the Board of Management is required before any member is permitted to produce, publish and transmit any material (purporting to be an official K.B.C. communication), by any means to any other member of the Club.